Snow Trip Preparation

Proper Nutrition before a Snowboarding Trip

There are a few important preparation tips everyone should keep in mind before beginning their trip up into the mountains. First of all, the most important thing to remember is to eat a solid meal before hand. A healthy, complex carb enriched meal, high in protein, low in fat is the most ideal food you can eat. You will have the most natural energy from the carbs and protein, with out the side effect of being tired. It may also be important to bring travel snacks, for example, whole grain snack bars, fruit etc.
Another thing to remember is to dress warm, nothing is more uncomfortable and annoying than being wet and cold at the top of a mountain. Wearing under armer underneath your snow suit is a great way to maintain body warmth. It may also come in handy to bring a separate pair of gloves due to the fact that your initial pair will get wet and frozen half way during the day.

Be prepared and have a great trip !